Wii = 794.5k consoles behind 360

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August 26

Hardware boost in Japan for Mario Party 8, no hardware boost in the US for Mario Strikers.

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After the Japan numbers today.  The Wii will only be about 600k behind.  So since its gaining at a rate of 200k a week, I'll say it'll be 3 weeks.

Which means August 12th.

Despite what my signiture says I'll take September 9

Predictions for December 31st 2008:
Wii 38,000,000
DS 84,500,000
PS3 17,000,000
PSP 41,000,000
X360 23,000,000

August 19.

Reality has a Nintendo bias.

September 9

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I'll have sep 16th

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Sep. 2. during the early part of the week, which means my signature prediction will be off.

August 26

August 19th

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19th August