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Over 210k (in NA)... only one person thought it would break it... probablly another 20-25k in downloads... (about 8% of total sales sounds reasonible... Right)

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99,830 copies.

Popzara said:

Wow. The noob was spot on. Very impressive.

outlawauron said:
Popzara said:

Wow. The noob was spot on. Very impressive.


 I understand the server problems now.....

Warhawk (another online only game) = 70k week one.

UT3 = 76k

Socom 3 (not online only) = 250k first week

I don't think Sony was expecting this.

it did well

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yeah, i hope they get their ass a patch soon..

I'm really surprised it sold so well, though unless they get the server patch out soon, word of mouth is going to kill sales

By the sounds of it, the headset will sell lots of bundles. In the UK the headset is selling for £18 at play.com and the bundle for £30. That's even cheaper than a new release on its own...

I preordered mainly for the headset but if the game is good as well then I may give it a try.

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