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Sony Offers No Solution For PSP-3000 Complaints

"On some occasions, scan lines may appear on scenes where brightness changes drastically, due to the hardware features of the new LCD device on PSP-3000. Installed with this new LCD device, PSP-3000 offers more natural and vibrant colours on its screen, but as a result, the scan lines have come out to be more visible. This is due to the hardware specification, so there are no plans for a system software updates concerning this issue."



"Now that we all know of this and Sony are not looking to fix the problem the fix is quite simple...Just don't buy one."


Hmmm.......according to that video, I may still buy a 3000.  Looks to me like what Sony is saying is true.  If you watch very very closely, you can see the horizontal lines even on the 2000.  Seems to me that neither of them look great during fast movement, but when still, the 3000 really shines over the 2000.


Ok people, I've just made a pic which should hopefully put to rest any arguments as to what the problems are with the new screen. See it here: (Scane line)


thats having the psp screen right on your face.............


Picture from a Japanese blog:

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So you are telling me to wait for PSP4000? or buy PSP2000? Ok Jason77 will do!


Wtf is with that gta video?
But yes it seems that you shoulnd't buy 3000



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The top one is GTA4 which isn't on PSP

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If this happens to every PSP game, then PSP-3000 is truly in trouble.

By the way, did you actually made this video or you just provided the link?

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poor 141k japonese...





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Well one of my friend bought a psp3k and when I heard about that, I asked him if it was true. He told me that you cannot see it if you don't play with your psp on your face...

So does this shit exist? Yes

Is it a real problem? No

I'll buy a psp3000 buy the end of this year.

Before the reports on the PSP 3000's interlacing problems I never even knew that the original PSP had a ghosting problem and I've owned an original PSP for over two years now. This issue doesn't appear to be much worse so I guess I'll still be picking up a PSP 3000.

aavidbacon said:
poor 141k japonese...


Since software sales didn't really go up, I think a huge chunk might be using them as MP3/MP4 player....or can you already hack a psp3000? Also for future notice Japanese (I think) not japonese.


Ok this issue is blown way over proportion... I dont see it to be a terrible issue :PBut then I might not be the best guy to make an objective choice :P