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toastboy44562 said:
360 is going to catch up to the ps3 in spain mabye at the end of this year...

Haha! Good one!

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The tie ratio of the PS2 in Spain is incredible high, about 1 console for 7 people, so it's reasonable that the PS brand is so powerful than other consoles are in a second place, sadly. Anyway, the feeling is changing, and since the price cut the 360 console is much better considerated. I'm a proud owner of a Wii360, and it's a fact that the 360 is growing, just comparing my mates' consoles. Anyway, it's quite impossible that 360 beats PS3 in this generation (in Spain), but at least people knows that there is more beyond the "play" and the "pro evolution soccer", and the next generation will be equals


stovo said:

I think that Spain is a cool country, because PS3 is outselling Wii and 360 there.


 Well i think we should all be happy for spain cause some random guy on some random forums think that spain is a cool country cause the ps3 is " outselling wii and 360 " over there !

Good ! now the 360+Wii can dominate the world.

(ps i think america is the best place in the world cause wii outsells every thing)

what a silly thread. Spain was once a stronghold of Sony. Nintendo is slowly taking it over..

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