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Tbone said:
I dont really understand why did Media Molecule do this in the first place didnt they see it.

they probably don't know the language lol.


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{gets ready to suicide}

oh but m importing as the NA cover is much better so no prob

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At least I'm not screwed.

It's stupid to delay it with all the promotion.. people will loose interest.

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Its only 3 weeks if people could wait until now they can wait a little bit more.


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it doesn't look like its going to be delayed after all. it seems like it was a mistake: here's an excerpt of the article above

Hello from zavvi,

We are emailing because you recently placed an order for LittleBigPlanet. You may have received an email informing you that the release date had changed to 4th November, unfortunately this was sent in error following an incorrect date feed.

We can confirm that LittleBigPlanet is still scheduled for release on 24th October. We would like to offer our apologies for any confusion or frustration caused.

That would be good Bug, I would prefer LBP not be delayed for anyone looking forward to it, regardless of region.


'sides, I can't imagine the bitching I'd have to endure from Machina and Blade if I got the game almost a month before they did.  They already hate that I get it 3 days before them.


Edit: Its not delayed! Yay!

thats is so annoying that one "religious minority" which im not sure of which, can upset so many people.

SO is it delayed or not? and if so is it delayed in america?

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