Do you have a Wii but never bought a Gamecube?

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I dont have a wii, but have a gc, but bought a ps3.


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I skipped GC and after playing games like RE 0, Tales of Symphonia and Metroid Prime I regret this. I had only money for one 6th generation console so I decided on a PS2 (big library). On the 7th generation I got a Wii because it was the only one with a reasonable price and games that interest me. I have a much bigger income now and I want other consoles, but considering Xbox360 and PS3 libraries and prices right now I`d rather buy a Dreamcast. I plan on buying both after several price cuts.

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normally i tend to buy all consoles each generation. so yes had the gc, xbox and ps2, but treasured my gc above all else! only bought playstation for final fantasy and bought the xbox as a gift for my brother to leave my gc alone. nintendo brings out quality games each generation, buying the gc was worth it for me

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I have a Wii and a Gamecube

I'm looking forward to Galaxy, Metroid, Brawl, No more Heroes, and, now that I just heard about it, Tales of Symphonia 2

You guys should really pick up some of the great GC games out there....Smash Bros, Mario Sunshine, Pikmin, Rogue Squadron, Zelda Wind Waker, Metroid, etc.

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I bought a GameCube for one game (Ikaruga). I'll be picking up a Wii when it gets more games.

haven't owned nintendo since the SNES

Forgot to mention Zack & Wiki on my list. That game is looking nicer every day


I bought a Wii but never got a GameCube....acutally I haven't bought any Ninty consoles.
I haven't bought a console since the Atari 2600,
My brother got a PS2 for Fifa 06....and thats it. No other games :)
Before the Wii I was a Pure Pc Person.

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Yeah I owned a gamecube. I have 20 some games for it still.  I also had a PS2 (40 some game) and Xbox (7 games).