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This game hit stores today (officially, don't know if it has been available for a few days already) in Europe, and I noticed some stores are carrying a 29.95 euro pricetag instead of 49.95. Does this mean Nintendo accepted sales data in the US and Japan show 50 euros/dollars is just to much for such a title and made a last minute change in the suggested retail price? If so, will we see a pricedrop in Japan and the US soon?

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It's sad that the game didn't sell well because it really is a fun game (if you liked Brain Age and Big Brain Academy). The Wii Remote controls were very well done and the remote was very accurate, I guess people just didn't want one of the brain games on a console.

nah twesterm, im sure it's the pricetag on it, we'll see how it goes in europe

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49.99 doesn't sound fun to me.

Honestly, I'm becomming more and more careful with the games that I buy lately because I have bought too many games that I have only played for a few hours and they moved on ... This isn't so bad when you buy a used game for $10 to $20 but when you're paying $50+ it becomes fairly frustrating.

If companies were releasing their Wiimakes (or inexpensive Wii games) for $29.99 I would be far more likely to buy it than charging $49.99 but that is just me ...

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I bought it on a whim, which I don't ever do with games, because I did like Brain Age way back when. Yeah, it doesn't feel worth $50 at all, I was really surprised it wasn't at least $40. Some reviews pointed out the next ver should have online, which would have made this much more appealing.

I ordered it on Amazon UK when it was £16.99 (25 Euro / $34) but there is a 4-6 week wait!

It's now £19.99 (30 Euro / $40) on Amazon, it says you save 50% and the retail price is £39.99 (60 Euro / $80)but I saw the advert on TV last night for the game and it said 'around £19 ' (28 Euro / $38)

It's advertised at £19 on the TV ads here in the UK. That's pretty damned cheap.

Good move Nintendo. Trying to sell the game for $50 was just greedy. It has the same number of games as the DS version ($20). The games are different, and it allows 4-player multiplayer, but it sure is not worth an extra $30 for me. I'll pick it up when it is $25 or less. Overall, it is a good game.