The end for Xbox? PS3 outsells 360 following price cut in America!

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If MS doesn't sell well this holiday season then it will be trouble for MS but as of right now they don't have to worry so much..........

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Ha, that's right Sony fanboys, Sony will turn the world right side up. Keep up the faith, I need a laugh every now and then.

steven787 said:

I don't agree Misterd, MS is in this to make money. They already have market share.

This isn't about agreeing or disagreeing with me. MS has been relatively open about it's strategy from the start and its willingness to lose money for years  because they believe the long term profit is worth it. Now, as profit goes, my understanding of the numbers (and someone correct me if I'm wrong) is that MS would have come close to turning a profit if not for the $1b warrantee extension (which also implies that they are in it to stay). With that taken care of, the cheaper "Falcon" hardware in the pipeline, and the potential to grow its base this holiday, there's a decent chance that they will be in the black next year.

Xbox 1 was already had some of the features, 360 has many more at a price MS considers fair for a Home Media Center Household hub. The problem is people don't want one of those things.

Don't tell me. Tell MS and Sony. I've thought this was a fool's errand from the start. Ironically, by expanding into the "casual" market, Nintendo's actually the one that's put itself in the best position. So long as the XB and PS appealed to "core" gamers, they would never be seen as anything but a gaming system, and never gain the sort of wide-scale acceptance needed to become the HMC. Or at least that's how I see it.

Also 360 isn't marketed as a media hub, it has those features, but there aren't ads saying this. It isn't a DVR, a key feature that a media hub should have. It is costing them not just billions, but billions more than expected.

We're not talking this generation or even the next. This is a multi-generation stategy. 

They want it to be a media hub where millions of people will go and download MS content for MSpoints, but people aren't doing it.

Notice they tell us 6 million people have registered for Live, but don't tell us how many pay for Live Gold. Or how many paid downloads there have been. The reason? Because those numbers are disappointing. Or TV shows, or HD-DVD drives, etc. etc. etc. PSN has been just as unsuccessful, though I personally have downloaded more games than I ever thought I would because of the lack of "real" games.

It is a failure, not as big of a failure as PS3. But MS can afford to quit, they make their money off of OS, Search Engines, Online Services and Office. They won't keep it going past Holiday '09 if it isn't making money by Holiday '08. (They would use '09 as a way to catch up, investing very little and hope to make back some of their losses.)

As I recall MS lost something like $5b on the XBox. They didn't abandon it. They won't abandon the 360 either.  

Sony can't quit because the company has been structured around the success of the Playstation brand, Movies are the only profitable area left for them. Electronics are losing money for them. PS is losing money for them. Their attempts at entering PC's have been only marginally successful, while the Walkman has been killed by the Ipod. A lengthy life span for PS3 is their only option to bring the company as a whole back into the black.

(Edit: How is 360 doing well?  It has been in a steady decline since the holidays. It is costing MS 1.5-2 billion a year to keep it afloat.  The 360 has great games, but so did Sega Genesis, Neo Geo, and Sega Dreamcast)

The PS3's sales have been in stead decline as well, up to this week. And last I checked, Sony's game division was losing money too. Why don't they both drop the games to focus on their more profitable enterprises? Because they plan on a much different scale than you and I do, and are expecting to get their money much farther down the road.

Smart. Equally smart would be to post "PS3 DEAD XBOBX WINSS" the week 360 starts outselling Sony, which will probably happen before MS's price cut to boot.

360 was always gonna end up in 3rd place.

The cheep 360 is what $300, and its getting killed by a $500 PS3.

World wide a $500/600 PS3 was selling as much as a $300/400/480 360, and that was during a software drought.

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I think it'll be a very long time before the 360 ends up in 3rd place. At least 2009. The ps3 has a huge problem with a total lack of titles and Sony have a major problem in that many people arent bored of their PS2s. The PS2 has such a large user base and those people wanting a new console arnt buying the ps3. The PS2 will be the definitive playstation to own for another couple of years at least.

The 360 isn't getting "killed", it got outsold for one week. OH NO, we should yell, TRULY THE XBOX 360 IS DEAD. God, chill your pompous ass down a bit, it is way too early to tell what's going to happen between those two.

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I thought the 360 died back in April, during the PS3 europe release. The numbers were much higher for PS3 then.

The 360 is not going to die before Christmas it might die during Christmas if the sales are awful which i dont think will happen unfortunately because of Halo3.The PS3 will not die any time soon either and Sony will not drop their Games division for along time because 1.Its their most profitable area 2.It practically put them on the map of big companies. 3.They may be losing money but if you saw their bank balance you would see they have enough money from the PS2 to keep it going for along time. MS has a higher chance of dropping the 360 and HOME gaming consoles altogether and just keeping Live for PC's and make their own brand of gaming PC's instead.
If Nintendo went out of buisness i would be very surprised even though they have a small bank banlance compared to MS and Sony they never make a loss on anything unless they stop selling altogether which is also impossible.
If MS becomes the standed for HOME consoles i wll leave the HOME console gaming and move to PC gaming and playing any game that ISNT Games for Windows or by a MS owned company.

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The only thing all this suggest to me is that microsoft couldnt give a dam if they are 3rd place or not other wise they would be getting off there arse right now and getting a price cut pretty dam soon.

I feel that the only real reason for the existence of the xbox brand is because microsoft had become worried after seeing the playstation brand dominate so much and now that its actually the wii thats hurting the ps3 sales microsoft dont seem to care anymore. I mean god dam it how long has the 360 been around the 10mil mark?

Basically all im saying is that microsoft are seeing that the wii is doing their job for them.

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