So when does the serious LBP marketing begin?

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Sure the beta seems to have been offered by just about everyone, but when are sony going to start their main marketing push? (TV or whatever) Have they shown any adverts yet anywhere?

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I've been seeing ads for the ps3 on tv with lbp footage for a while now.
There are 4 VG characters that i know of that have already been made into sackboys .
I'm sure it will be ramping up soon.

ive seen two commercials just today.


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I just saw an ad for it last night. They also put up like 2000 signs across the US for it. The beta keys attracted a lot of attention also.

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I think there will be pretty big marketing and tv advertising very soon beacuse Sony has high hopes for this game.


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There will be more. This is supposed to be sony's turn around game.
I think they already stated that like half of their marketing budget for the year was going into this game.

There has been absolutely zero hype in the uk, except for a temporary shop in Manchester. Newsflash Sony, primetime ads reach a larger audience than one shop in Manchester. P.S can anyone post a link to any LBP advert? (Not the gamestop advert)

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Ive seen a tv advert that was quite good. Sackboy will go down a storm

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ye here is england i havent seen anything. Not even many PS3 ads 100s of 360 ones though advertising a game then saying

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wait for the reviews, after that the ads come in