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Ok I got 6 LBP BETA Codes from USA TODAY funnily enough.

2 are for my friends

The remaining 4 are for you VG chatzer's.

So who wants em!??

{pls ppl with Ps3's...don't joke as sum ppl still aren't in the beta n wanna be in it}

PS.....I will Message you the code (PM) not on wall...

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

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my PSN id is Vagabond7


or you can just PM me.


Unless it's a joke. Then I'm sad.

You can find me on facebook as Markus Van Rijn, if you friend me just mention you're from VGchartz and who you are here.

I believe the beta ends on Friday, just remember that.

What a good marketing from Sony

Not sure if it will push consoles but sales should be very good.

Time to Work !


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I DO I DOO!!!!

Me please

PSN jodef

Ok thats Vagabond & Konnichiwa

I wouldn;t make a joke like this....your codes are incoming on your messages in VG chartz


All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

On second thought if it ends friday give it to someone who has more time then I do... I have much to settle alongg with work before friday. I'd probablly nbot even get a chance to DL it

Me. i know someone who really wants one and he's hassling me right now XD