Rumour: No Team Ico Game @ TGS :( :( :(

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*Cross finger and hope its not true*

Please Sony, don't make me a sad sad panda.

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Well, that sucks. Team Ico are pretty awesome... I wonder when they're finally going to show their new project.

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I hope its not true, but if it is, then Sony are showing 9 unannounced games and one of them isn't Team Ico's game. Because we know TI's game is coming whether it is announced at TGS or not, Sony has an extra game to be announced.

Good for PS3 owners

team ico's game is too big for TGS. that event is not worthy of the awesomeness.

Its funny thing,first there was rumour that it would be on TGS, and then there is rumour that it wont be on TGS.
What you learn?Dont belive in rumors.
But that means...it wont be shown....GRAAAH!



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This cant be true Sony already said they will show the new Team ico game.


"But that means...it wont be shown....GRAAAH!"

no, that means we dont know...

Time to Work !

I'm crossing fingers and hope its not true too!