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So a while back I read on the playstation blog of a bizarre creation called Linger In Shadows with a small trailer that nearly put me to sleep and left me scratching my head in one of those wtf moment.

Much later I saw a list of trophy for the game that left me even more puzzled, I somehow get the impression that I am not meant to make sense of this game unless I'm on LSD.

Recently more news surfaced and I finally know what the hell it is! So get this: Linger in Shadows is an Interactive Digital Art, which from what I've gathered means interactive tech demo, which in other word means its not a game.

No mention off price or anything but it is apparently being released on the next PSN update. I am very curious to see how the 'interactive' part of this tech demo is gonna work as all they've mentioned so far is that it'll use the six-axis, maybe they'll release a demo so I can take a quick peek first.

Now thats ironic, a demo of a tech demo.