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worst experience ever at one point I just thoughy there wasnt going to give them out and just wanted traffic for thier site and kept on begging other user guess it payed to wait unlike some other ppl who traded keys for games

oh and btw I have an extra code so maybe i will try a trade or contest i dunno

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You have an extra code?

Can you give it to me dude? Because ive been doing everything for that code(and it looks like im the only one intersted)

Please dude, seriously I signed up for everything, and I can never get it.




give to him dude, its rotten to sell beta codes.

Dude someone is wagering 1 game?

Im giving you my whole PSN catalogue, and thats most of the games on the PSN, so hows about it?




have you checked the GT forums lol everyone was trading but i will probably will though since he do support sony like me xD

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^good, i just gave my extra to kitchensink. Everybody needs to experience this game.

I NEED ONE TOO. Seriously im dieing. Going to get it the first day, but i cant wait till 28th, PLEASE anyone! could anyone give me a beta code!

"Please dont destroy me on the PSN"

(Gives PSN account to Forsaken)



^good luck

I signed up everywhere aswell, is there anyone that can help me experience this huge game x'(