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well i opened my email today with a surprise: i got a littlebigplanet beta key. bigger surprise was that it was because i didn't even apply for one. nonetheless, i was excited as hell.

after installing, i had a few gripes that made me want to tear my hair out:

1.) it downscaled to 480p because my hdtv is old and only supports 480i/p and 1080i. this was really annoying and paranoia inducing because if the full game doesn't support 1080i, i might have a reason not to buy it (SD SUKS MAN)..

2.) it took a few reboots to get the game to work properly. a nagging "failed to create game" message kept popping up. but i guess this is just coz 50,000 people are playing at the same time and its just a beta.

but after i got all through that and adjusted my eyes to standard definition, i can tell everyone out there in the gaming community that this thing is a revolution in gaming. this thing is going to change how you think of games forever. it is simply a phenomenon in gaming.

i knew already from screenshots and videos that this game was large. but apparently i had no freaking idea how large this thing really is upon playing it. when they said you can create anything, they REALLY meant it. i was in a state of total bliss as i fiddled with a level and stuck stickers of my girlfriend on the walls... but enough of that.

anyway, yea, whoever you are, there is something in littlebigplanet for you. the thousands of dedicated creators out there will keep your experience always fresh. kudos to the maker of that ninja race thing.. forgot the name.. but it was hella fun!

so in conclusion, fellas, buy this game. and to those who applied for the beta and didn't get one, sorry... i apologize for taking a key even if i didn't even apply. i really don't understand how i got one (the email said that it was because i replied to a post in the official lbp site).



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