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Best SMG
Worst Far Cry Vengeance

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Best game play I would give to SSBB, MK Wii and SMG a three way tie. It is hard to decide a winner amongst those three top 3 contenders which offer really fun game play.

Super Mario Galaxy is the best!

SMG best
Worst that one caveman game which had n54 graphics.

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SMG is the obvious winner for best.
Worst? i dunno... that N64 port of Ninjabread Man?

SMG is obviously the best looking.

There is too much competition for worst looking Wii game, the "winner" is probably some cheap shovelware that no one here has played.

But here's one possibility that has not been mentioned yet: Cruis'n

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Cruisn' has to be my favourite, simply because it once was a decent franchise.

Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 look amazing. Far Cry Vengeance looks not so amazing.

SMG is the best.

Sonic and the Secret Rings looks really good too!