Will Xbox 360 sell the most console for Christmas 2008?

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heruamon said:
Barring any moves by Sony or Nintendo to cut prices, I think 360 has a shot at #1 in NA. When people start looking for holiday season presents this year, price is going to be a major factor in how they execute their purchasing option. Even if PS3 drops $50, the entry level 360 is at $199, and can't me matched by anything other than a potential Wii drop. BRD players are now cheaper than the PS3, which might have an impact on the perceived value of getting one of those as well.

What makes you think price will be the major factor? It never has been, and there's no reason to believe it will be now.

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It's possible for it to outsell the ps3, but even that's unlikely, imo. Last year the 360 had a price drop in NA and Halo 3 going into the holiday season, yet the ps3 managed to eek out a victory.

Last year's sales, for reference: