PS3 set to dominate Tokyo Game show.

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Just looking at the line up.


Final Fantasy 13
Metal gear Solid4
Fina Fantasy 13 Versus
Gran Turismo 5
White Night Story
Monster Hunter 3

Multi platform games

Last Remenant
Resident Evil 5
Silent Hill 5

Many others but these should be big with the public over there. They are in perfect place to continue their great showings that started at GDC.

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If a list of big games is what it takes to dominate the Tokyo Game Show, then all three manufacturers will dominate the Tokyo Game Show. Of course that wouldn't really be dominance would it.

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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It's so clear how many new idea game developers have on all consoles by the number of games that have a number after the title.

I see nothing exciting about playing the same game again only with a different title although I'd love to try Little big planet.

TGS will be great
but dont forget "Liepzig game show" that is coming .... dont know !

for LBP, they will show us "enemy" for the first time

Let's imagine that they make 2 comunity of charater that are suppose to fight each other using the different architectural aspect to finish the lvl in the first position. Then will u create an avatar u will below to 1 of the community.

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eehh DS and next Dragon Quest will dominate TGS



Buy it and pray to the gods of Sigs: Naznatips!

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Kingdom Hearts 3, final fantasy 7: crisis core, GT5, GT:mobile, FF:dissidia and many more

Get ready for this thread to be flamed...

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spewing silent hill 5 is mutliplat. Was SH4 on xbox and nin?

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SH4 was PS3/Xbox/PC, not nintendo (too creppy lol)
SH3/SH2 was Xbox/PS2/PC too
SH1 was only on PS

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Sony can show whatever they want and it still won't top DQ9 and the announcement that FF13 will also be released for Wii, and Kingdom Hearts on Wii of course

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