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Is there any way to edit your predictions in the predictions league??

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From what I have heard, no.

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I've been wondering if ioi can implement a way where I can change predictions as well. I've made a few that were totally off from what I meant (ie, changing Wii and DS numbers, copying 2 numbers onto eachother, ect).

Hopefully ioi can add a "modify" button for me sometime soon.

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No modify button, you heretics!

But yeah, some people clearly made mistakes, such as putting the numbers in million units instead of units.

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Well, to be fair, if there was a modify button, I would hope that it might be an administrator (me) modify button, rather than anyone just randomly editing their predictions. It might save on time, and force them to only ask to modify their numbers under a very important circumstance.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

Ya, just in case you actually added one extra number. It completely throws off your prediction.