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Stop it!


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because its current gen!

I think this whole argument is symptomatic of the Wii/High Definition platforms battle that is raging around the forums, especially surrounding Wii Music.

Some people see advancement as increased graphical detail, and some see it as a change in what games are and how you play. Also known as the BiggerBetterStronger versus New points of view.

If you define advancement in videogames as better graphics, audio and story detail, the Wii will definatly seem like last gen.

If you want new definitions of what games are and how one should play them, the Sony and Microsoft consoles seems like relics from older days bringing nothing new to the table.

What I cannot understand is what is the point of bringing up this discussion here and now? Does it really matter if the Wii should be labeled 'next gen' (actually current gen)? The only point I can decipher is to make a case against the Wii based on the idea that it doesn't matter. I've taken part in some such discussions and seen many more, and they usually lack finesse.

Take a step back and look at why we are originally using the concept of generations. It might not be hard to see that it's easier to group consoles together and talk about this generation rather than trying to look at the lifespan of each individual console in that generation. It makes it easier to see a pattern. The generation goggles are really useful for interpreting some movements in the video game history, but utterly useless for others. For example, I have yet to see a guide to the handheld generations.

I believe that what we call generations in the video game history is nothing more than a pattern arising from the movement of the biggest players in the field. When we just look at the pattern and look at what has happened and not why, we miss out on important details, and arrive at the conclusion that generations are based on clockspeed. And here my post gets too long and I end it.

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for god's sake.....

Wii is the only nex-gen console as it futures motion controls, and that's why the Wii is selling more than Ps3 and Xbox360 by far...

also, the fact that Wii is not HD does not mean it's noT next-gen....

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This is a major joke thread. The Wii is only not next because it's current gen, while the 360 and PS3 are last gen. Let me explain:

I follow the Malstrom-generation model. It goes like this:

First Generation (1972-1983)- Everything before NES, starting with the Magnafox Odyssey, the first console every released.

Second Generation (1983-2006)- starts with the NES-revolution. In this generation, games became cinematic, and development was focussed on improving graphics each time a new console came out for over 20 years.
The second generation started with the NES coming out in Japan, while the first generation violently ended in the United States. After the NES came to America, the gaming business was finally revived.
The last consoles in this generation were the PS3 and Xbox 360, as they may very well be the last consoles to be following the evolutionairy path starting with the NES. However, there is still a possibility that Microsoft and Sony's next consoles are still nothing more than enhanced versions of their previous consoles, so this generation might still be living somewhat.

Third Generation (2006-????)- when the Wii launched, a new revolution in gaming begun. No longer are consoles made with graphical enhancements in mind. Games have become a social thing, something almost everybody can do.

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Am I the only one who remembers these little goodies. While I'm not going to argue the this or that gen thing since its pointless, it is also equally pointless to use motion controlls as the basis of your argument

Case in point:


Lol!!!! hahaha so retarded!!!!

It fails in so many ways..... How come (according to you) 32 & 64 bits can be in the same generation, when you're claiming that power is the thing that divides generations??? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, Generation is related to time...nothing else!!!

@OnlyIsrael: No, it's not, since Wii's control scheme is made up of Motion controls. They are not an addon.

By that logic, PS3 and 360 are last gen, since those graphics were done by Toy Story in the late 90's or by PC's in the early 2000's. Please make use of logic, dont try to stir up shit. You know what everyone is talknig about, yet you troll.

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As others have pointed out, it is not about technology but rather about timing.

Since the Wii was the last console to be released, and since it is the most radically different in its approach, it could be considered a different, newer generation, than the other two.

But in reality, the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii are all the current generation of video games -- because they are the latest their companies (Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo respectively) have to offer -- and they do not have a new model lined up for immediate release. Those are their flagship home consoles for the time period of 2007-2011/2.

Thus, they are all of the same generation, even if they do not all have the same graphic power or controller prowess.

(Plus, as was pointed out in another thread, if this supposition is true, it means that the HD consoles are weekly being outside by a last generation console combined. That means they are weekly selling weakly).

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trestres said:
@OnlyIsrael: No, it's not, since Wii's control scheme is made up of Motion controls. They are not an addon.

By that logic, PS3 and 360 are last gen, since those graphics were done by Toy Story in the late 90's or by PC's in the early 2000's. Please make use of logic, dont try to stir up shit. You know what everyone is talknig about, yet you troll.


are you saying im trolling? How does that work out?

But if not please clarify who you're addressing; at least I can say that controller schemes don't make up a gen, sorry, but they just don't.

(I personally think that trying to catagorize systems into "gens" is ridiculous, but hey, people need to box thing in a nice little package to compare them instead of just appreciating them for what they are.)