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marciosmg said:

^ Thanks, hanafuda.

I asked cause R2 didnt sell that well; it's been a few months sice release and I didn't want a game that has a great online with no one playing it.

if you get it, add me. I still play.

PSN - hanafuda

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I will get it by the end of this month. My brother leaves tomorrow (for the US) and should be there for 2 weeks and he will get it for me.

Next time I'm on the PSN (which will be in a little while ), I'll add you so we can play when I get it.


for anyone that has platinum in FIFA 09..

how did you win five games on interactive leagues? people never play the full game... and when they do, they only play if they have the best team. so I never will win playing with... udinese... vs. milan, inter, etc.

and I tried to play with a friend and we chose the same league but never were against each other. and the game doesn´t have a invite thing.

@Dark Odin: So far, the only one with a FIFA 09 platinum trophy is Dirtybynature.

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nordlead said:
Munkeh111 said:
What about updating the trophies on the site? i.e. my trophy cabinet on playfire

I think playfire just rips off eu.playstation.com we could do the same, but I don't know if we are interested in doing that at the moment.


We could do the same to automatically collect everyone's trophy information, but at the moment it's not worthwhile. The problem is that not everyone has signed up for a trophy card, and not everyone with a trophy card keeps it up to date.


Papazx said:
PapaZx -ps3 name

If you'd like to join the trophy league, you need to have a 50 post minimum. Let me know when you reach 50 posts and I'll add you to the leaderboards.

sigh okay ill start working on my post and report back

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I dont understand how fifa 09 cud make such a mistake with online trophys, most ppl know that fifa players quit all the time. Pes saw this and wen the quiters play there punished wen they quit as u get rewarded a 3-0 win regardless of what the score was in the match.
Now if pes could get there trophys sorted it would be intresting

Well Re5 is probably going to end up as the most played game of 2009 for me...
I think I'm already above 130 hours and still addicted....

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