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Versus_Evil said:
fadetoone said:

What exactly are you saying?  Do you play that game in silence?

No, the game has sound effects just no soundtrack.

That seemed so ridiculous to me that I had to look it up.  Apparently that's by design, to create immersion.  I can at least see why they might *think* that, but no, gotta have music, particularly in a puzzle game.

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Plat #44 Dead Synchronicity. Quick plat, took me around 5 ish hrs with a few breaks. Really dark game. not for everybody. But if you like point and clicks and can handle more darker themes then its pretty great.

Only negative is the English voice cast suck, but you can have it in German with English Subs (which i recommend)

Next up, Unravel. i hundred percent-ed it on Xbox so this shouldn't give me any trouble and it should be plat 45.

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I've been thinking about picking up The Witness for a couple months but I think I'll wait til it's on sale.

Axis Mundi complete! Had a frustrating run where I became trapped within about 20 steps of the finish line. Thankfully I got it just a couple attempts later. Just have to get a gold medal on the last chapter and the Catherine platinum is mine.

Proudest Platinums:
1. Gran Turismo 5
2. Persona 4 Arena
3. Wipeout HD
4. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
5. Super Street Fighter 4

Just missed out on the top 10 this week. Holy fuck versus and pints are flying through the plats. Congrats.

Kerotan said:
Just missed out on the top 10 this week. Holy fuck versus and pints are flying through the plats. Congrats.

"Wheel me out to the curb for garbage day"

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Got all of the annoying, well mostly all of them, trophies out of the way in Alienation. The only ones left for plat are getting to level 30 in Hardcore, then going through the story missions with a Saboteur and Tank and getting both to level 30.

Some crazy weeks you guys are having! Good to hear what you thought of each game.

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Currently playing Digimon Cyber Sleth: The game is a RPG gem totally overlooked. Gonna platinum it, since it's so fun <3

Great art design. lovable characters and interesting story. Also: totally KAWAIIII!!
great Jap pop soundtrack aswell.
Current score 8.5/10

Hey guys, who here is getting a PS VR next week?
I'm pretty excited to be an early adopter and try it out myself. I'm a little worried it's going to be a gimmick and not be supported much like the playstation move was.
Then again I know Sony is already working on another revision of PS VR and with Oculus Rift & HTC Vive being fairly successful, I think virtual reality will be here to stay.

My biggest concern right now has to be the type of gaming experiences that are currently possible. For instance it would be cool to be able to walk around in games using the analog stick on the DualShock 4. But due to testing I guess some devs have found out that people feel nauseated when their brain thinks they should be walking and you are not in real life. I imagine it would just take some getting used to, but some games are solving this right now by making you point and teleport everywhere you move. Heard the Batman VR game does this and so does Fallout 4 apparently. It looks like thats not the case however with Crytek's Robinson: The Journey. Looks like you move very slowly, but you do move around. That's my most anticipated VR title by far. I do plan on trying to first play RE7 in VR too. Might really add to the scares. RE7 will allow you to look and run around with the dual shock as well. Did hear that the control scheme in RE7 giving the ability to look around without moving your head is really making people feel sick.

Another thing that would be great in VR, and that's currently a limitation would be the ability to fully turn around your body in a full 360 to take in your surroundings. Unfortunately if you turned around you would be blocking the playstation camera's view and you'd lose your position tracking from the lights. Not sure how they solve this in the future without more camera's placed around your room. Going back to RE7 as an example, I'd imagine this is why they had to use the analog stick to give you the ability to fully look around. Besides the lights disappearing, at the same time turning in circles could be cumbersome and twist you up in the video cable too. lol.

One last concern I have is with items dropping out of view of the camera. I heard in one game (Job Simulator) they tend to teleport those items back into view because otherwise it would be impossible to pick them up without adjusting your camera.

Definitely excited to try it firsthand and form my own opinions. Glad to hear the PS VR is very comfortable to wear. IGN said it was the most comfortable out of all the VR headsets they've tried. And I guess as long as we get 60fps or higher in games we shouldn't get any motion sickness. If a game drops below 60fps in testing then Sony will not certify the game.

Plat #45 is Unravel, weirdly I had a far harder time getting 100% on this than the Xbox One version. Also the last plat for October as I scale back playing games to do other things.

"Wheel me out to the curb for garbage day"