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32% out of 47k it was selling weekly?

its around 65k now its doesn't look like enough to outsell the ps3


EDIT: nvm its not other just UK.


what a fail of price cut its as cheap as the psp and DS.

its even cheaper than some PSP bundles.

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Microsoft still winning where the real money is, and that is in software sales. The profit of selling a .05 disk for $60 is better than the console sales profit.

thre was obviously going to be a bump in sales, i predict overall 360 will win this week, again.

but over the coming months, i think 360 will drop down

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makarov said:
Ronster316 said:
Theres still no advertising in the UK with regards to the price cut............ But once Gears of war 2 hits 360 sales will Explode, Gears 2 advert followed by the message at the end "Console from £129.99"



Are you retarded or american? Oh well, Same shit.

Casuals don't give a fuck about Gears. It won't do shit. When not even Halo 3 could help you think Gears will?

Halo 3 hasn't been on any European charts for months. Old PS3 exclusives however charts all over Europe still.

People just don't want Xbox in Europe. And NOTHING will ever change that.

It's an american console. It's from Microsoft. Nuff said.


There is no need for comments like that.  This is your only warning-- please do not bring that stuff here.

Lol, all SW:TFU versions combined sold less than MKWii and Wii Fit.

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Gratz Microsoft. Sony fanboys everywhere are certainly distraught. Look at the damage control on this thread, lol.

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MCV confirms that 360 managed to outsell PS3 last week.

UK Xbox 360 sales up 32%

Tim Ingham Sep 23 2008, 12:02pm

GFK-ChartTrack confirms increase following last week's price cuts

Xbox 360 sales rocketed up 32 per cent over the weekend, official UK retail monitor GFK-ChartTrack has confirmed to MCV.

The console outsold the PS3, which saw an eight per cent drop in its sales compared to the previous weekend.

MCV broke the news last night that Xbox 360 had hit six million unit sales in Europe this week.

Microsoft brought the entry-level SRP for the Arcade console down to £129.99 on Friday, with the standard 60GB 360 priced at £169.99 - leaving it with two consoles under Wii's bargain £179.99 pricetag.


Unfortunately they didn't give any details on which one was selling more before the price cut.

Seeing as UK is 360's largest market outside of US, 32% is a pretty small increase (Microsoft said sales increased 100% in US) for such major price drops, but I guess the real test will come at Christmas. It should outsell PS3 for the rest of the year in UK, but I don't think it will do much in mainland Europe except maybe Sweden and Netherlands.

ZenfoldorVGI said:
Gratz Microsoft. Sony fanboys everywhere are certainly distraught. Look at the damage control on this thread, lol.


 A 32% increase in UK is really not good given the extent of the price difference now, particularly as the bump will likely be much less in France, etc.  I don't see how pointing that out is damage control?  Assuming sales settle back for 360 after a few weeks (which with a bump of only 32% is likely even in the UK) I suspect MS is going to be needing some damage control to explain why they can't increase demand significantly for the console in Europe.


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It wouldn't surprise me if Europe was more resistant to the MS brand itself than Japan. In Japan, it was mostly a case of disinterest from the Original Xbox's offerings (being a big and clunky sports game/shooter box) that MS is finally turning around.

To put it boldly, EU may be a more challenging region than Japan in the next generation for MS due to company image.

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The Fury said:

Game sales are odd, Wii hardware will still outsell 360 but game sales are not that great..


Why is that odd? It's been like that from the beginning. Other than the major first-party Nintendo releases, the bulk of the games that come out are shovelware. And many of Wii buyers are just not interested in buying a buttload of games.  My aunt has a Wii and is perfectly content with Wii Sports - and even that doesn't get played much lately.

Those who buy PS3's and 360's are much more into games so attach rates should be higher.