Why is Little Big Fable 2 outselling Little Big Planet 1?

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Well, isn't it logical that a sequel to a successful, high-profile RPG would have higher pre-order sales than a brand new IP that nobody knows will be any good?

Wouldn't you expect FFXIII to have more pre-orders than say Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon?

I mean, this really shouldn't be that shocking.

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ceaser92 said:
whatever said:
Yes, and Too Human preorder were over 1 million.

Totally irrelevant information.


i love this guy


So do I...

4 ≈ One

MontanaHatchet said:
Squilliam said:
SickleSigh said:
Maybe the 5 million more xbox users have something to do with it. Just a thought.

Except there are more PS3 users than Xbox 360 users in this sample and you didn't read the thread. Its all about New Zealand.


isnt 360 bigger in AUS and NZ? Also aren't these rankings just like quoting amazon?

The 360 is bigger in Australia, but a lot of that is due to the fact that it launched much earlier and its price is lower. The two swap sales positions each week pretty randomly. As for New Zealand, the Sony domination is pretty much like Nintendo domination in France or Germany. It's not unusual for the New Zealand charts to show a completely Sony top 10 (save for PC titles), even though the country is highly casual and most of the games are casual games like The Sims. If it was highly casual, I would think the Wii would sell well. Sony's name is pretty big among the kiwis though.

By the way, fair posters, Squilliam has a habit of making joke threads and this is one of them. He made that pretty easy to figure out as well.

Except that this isn't a joke thread. Im just pointing out something which came to my attention which is vastly contradicting what I would expect. Had I written Fable 2 < LBP and reversed the numbers and then said BAH! Fooled you, it would have been a joke thread. Take into account what you said about my country which is worded much better than I could achieve and then consider whats actually happening.

Like what you said, its completely unexpected for this to happen in my country and this is a reasonable sample size as its the largest online store in the country for a game which is all about hype.



Yet another dumb thread that has no real premise. Congrats. I've managed to waste yet another 5 minutes on one of your pointless threads.

I hope this is a joke thread because if not... You are the biggest most desperate ($*%#$%^@ on this site. Please for your sake be joking.

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Pfft, Fable 2 is a joke.

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I agree with jacks81x and plus why does this even matter? No hate to Squilliam though, I have lots of respect for him we may disagree on topics but he rarely posts without logic, or reason.


this will prove to be a joke next month when Littlebigplanet outsells Fable 2-1. Not the other way around. NO wait.. I take it back, not 2-1.  3-1!

Smashed said:
Pfft, Fable 2 is a joke.


That's trolling. Why is it a joke, and why do you feel the need to bash another game to inflate your own ego. You're obviously a huge Sony fan and have an inferiority complex about your console. You tend to lash out at those who threaten or try to destroy your favorite console. You try to hurt their feelings by degrading their games. If you feel the need to flame a game for no reason, then I feel the need to call you out on it. Explain yourself. Stop trolling, and stfu about games you have absolutely no interest in, know nothing about, and are own a competing console which is obviously something that causes you to hate them no matter how good or bad they are.

I can't make you stop trolling, but I can easily own any troll posts you make from here on out. Ask all the other trolls. Never ends well.

...also, don't feed me the BS line about you hating Fable 1 and it being a dissapointment. You've probably never played it, and even if you had, it's still a fanboy talking point, and I won't set here and be lectured to out of the Sony playbook. Have some originality for christ sake.

I'm sure that hatred for Fable 1 was what motivated your post and not hatred for 360 fanboys and their games threatening LBP.

I don't need your console war.
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor.
You're power hungry, spinnin' stories, and bein' graphics whores.
I don't need your console war.


fayewong said:

this will prove to be a joke next month when Littlebigplanet outsells Fable 2-1. Not the other way around. NO wait.. I take it back, not 2-1.  10-1!

Fixed - Because if you're going to be insane, you may as well act completely insane so save people the trouble of thinking they should take you seriously.