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Mission Critical
Mechwarrior 2

Awesome games.

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Sim City 2000 was great. I liked HIND and The Elder Scrolls: Arena and THES II: Daggerfall.

phew, lots. A whole amount of LucasArts Adventures (what the hell happened to LAs Adventure department anyway :O )

DosBox is a great tool to play all those classics. A few days ago I finished Syndicate again.

Awesome game.

Guys, go play Syndicate.

Alright dos games!! I fergot about them for a second there.

Here's a link with a lot of dos games  http://www.dosgamesarchive.com/list/

recommended: http://www.dosgamesarchive.com/download/game/109

3 words:
The Incredible Machine

The ultimate time suck of the DOS games.

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King's Quest

Those are real DOS games

Empire. I especially loved the one that was optimized for 286 code.

epsilon72 said:


OMG, that game was so frickin' hard!

I had an Atari St but the first game that made me really want to have a PC was Wolfenstein 3D.

Other games: oldest first
Prince of Persia
Eye of the Beholder
Civilization (but I had it on my ST)
Alone in the Dark
Day of the Tentacle
Sim City 2000
Master of Magic
Magic Carpet

I agree with most of the games said already, a few not mentioned -
Crusader: No Remorse & No Regret
Theme Hospital
Sim City