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i mean look at it .. its the same as achievements ... u can find achievements in all the 360 games but trophies is only for  limited games ... if they can make achievements for all games then they can make trophies for all games also ... like uncharted they can make a patch to enable trophies but still so many companies dont want to put trophies for their released games or even for the upcoming games ? so why ?!


maybe MS behind this lol

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Achievements are a requirement or MS won't let you publish a game for the 360.

Trophies just came out and Sony coudnt force companies far into development of their games to add trophies( because at the time they signed the PS3 licence stating the requirements the trophies didn't exist yet).
My understanding though is that at a given date they will become a requirement so you can expect sometime in 2009 all new PS3 games to support trophies..

Sony can not force developers to patch old games to support trophies though..

The issue for the games coming out right now is that some of them have been golden for a few months and the developers did not want to add trophies afterwards as they would have had to go through another costly round of testing..

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they can copy the achievements & put it as trophies but i think developers are lazy.

I think it is partially lazy, but also it could be a little bit tricky to implement, but I dont think it should be too much of a problem for anything coming out October/November, they were announced in July anyway!

NNN2004 said:
they can copy the achievements & put it as trophies but i think developers are lazy.

It's not that easy. The entire infastructure and tools are already different to begin with. Trophies needs to be a convience for the devs or they won't do it.

It's ok though. In 2009 99% of the games should have trophy support, and there are alot of good games coming out this year that will. It's just a shame Naruto, Fallout3 and Prince of Persia won't. (fallout3 maybe patched).


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never know ms wont publish the game with out achievements o.o

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OT: Maybe they thought the whole idea of Achievements wouldn't take off, therefore didn't implement it after hearing what Microsoft's plans were. Then after Achievements did take off, they decided to add it, even though it may be copying.


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If a game doesn't have trophies it is pure laziness on the devs part, nothing else. Especially when a game has some sort of in-game trophy system, like Soul Calibur IV or Metal Gear Solid IV.

If they wanna use the "didn't have time" excuse, for one thing, that gets weaker every single day that goes by, and other games are releasing trophy patches, like Warkhawk, Pain, Uncharted, Battlefield: Bad Company.

If they can do it, so can anyone else.

Just laziness.


It's not mandatory yet to include them... although I believe it will be throughout 2009.

Therefore right now its down to developers own choice - some are clearly stepping up to the plate, while others aren't willing to invest the extra time/effort.

Some choices do seem surprising - for example I note Fallout 3 may not have them while the Bioshock developers are including them and seem to have gone out of their way to make Bioshock a success on PS3.

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Until trophies are utilised in all games, I can't take them seriously. I mean, if I master MGS4, Heavenly Sword, or any number of awesome PS3 titles, I still look like crap compared to a guy who played Pain or Uncharted (I beat Uncharted, but I won't play it again). It's a nice addition, but right now, the implementation sucks.

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