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Jo21 said:

reaching over 200 millions? not even the ps2 got near even with all the third party.

it will reach 100-120 millions easily due casual market, but reaching the hardcore will never happen with competition from both sony and m$ getting all the hardcore exclusive.



So let me get this straight...

It's easily going to sell 120m according to you, but it'll end up with zero "hardcore" penetration? Hahahahahahaha.

Your opinion on "casuals" is extremely skewed.


And there IS NO HARDCORE! How many times to I have to repeat this.


When people start to realise that the wii is a worthless console with no REAL games and the granpa's get bored of bowling (which'll be this time next year), it's going to start selling in anti-numbers. So lifetime sales: 15 million consoles max.


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Oh, this is a new topic.

Historically looking at the sales, Wii will end up selling around 200 million units, with the exception that if it ends up having the same impact as NES did, it will reach 250-300 million units sold. And insane number of software.

I see people comparing PS2 and Wii, but you'll have to take into account that PS2 never really expanded the audience.
Think audience as a pyramid; at the top there is only one person who is interested in getting the console and the bottom line equals 3,3 billion people. Every time you reach the next "level" in the pyramid, it equals all the previous levels combined by its size. The biggest barrier for Wii to reach the potential audience is its price.

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Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

I say 120 million

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To all the people who keep saing that the Wii will fail due to lack of third party suport, you all seem to fail to see, that it caught most developers off guard, and that the trend is allready starting to turn - I am quite sure, that within less than 2 years, the Wii will be THE gamers heaven console, in terms of both quantaty and quality suport from third party developers...

That being said I don't se it as being unlikely, that the Wii could pass 200. mil, due to both market growth and expansion - though somewere around 160-170 seems like a more fair estimate..

I guarantee it will sell 150 million.

It might pass 200 million.

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Everyone knows the reason LBP might fail (i said might) and the Wii will sell massive numbers is because Nintendo have most of the casual market and still retain the hardcore appeal in many ways.

Think about this, if every PS3 or Xbox owner is expected to buy a Wii then not even market saturation from competitors will affect the sale numbers.

The Wii has the capacity to sell at least 140 million.

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140,000,000 imo.

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The Wii will sell 143.6 millions of units. Remember that number folks! - Prediction made 20-09-08.

And 2009 will be it's biggest year. With 2010 doing 2008 numbers.


The longer Nintendo rides the boat the longer it will sell and add to total. I think it will sell around 130M


if this keeps going and two other consoles gets crashed..
then i wouldnt be suprised if it reaches 200 mill