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Final-Fan said:
vlad321 said:
I never found the regenerators even remotly hard, even the first one when you didn't have the scope. If you read the little memo you'd know to just pull out the little SMG and shoot randomly until it dies. The hardest part was the Garrador in the cage, don't think I died anywhere else more than once, and mostly because I asn't prepared to shake or click the remote the way I was suppose to.

There's a regenerator you have to fight before you get the scope?  I don't remember that. 

The way I used to get past the cage fight is simply to cut off the cinematic (you start off with a head start over if you don't) and SMG the lock off and go from there with the shotgun or whatever.  I think someone else in this thread said they don't see you at first if you don't shoot so you can knife the lock off without them even noticing, but I haven't tried that.


Yeah, the frezer room is locked so you have to go to the left first and you find one of Luis' notes talking about regenarators and then a regenarator corners you in the room at close range. All you know about them from that point is what you got from the note.

I also noticed the skipping of the cut scene helped, but I shot the damn lock 5 times with a shotgun and it still didn't budge so I just assumed it wasn't meant to open. Since I killed the guy with a grenade right next to the lock I guess that's what finally opened the gate.

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Why did you reset the game so many times. You should keep playing until you find the way to move on.

Most games don't have bugs will let you play when it is impossible to move on....anymore......

i just found that if you save so much ammo like i did, you cant purchase a tactical vest..lol,and its on normal mode.

I loved every part of this game. It was a good challenge the first time playing aswell.

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If no one has posted this yet, there's a glitch in all versions that makes the village scene easy.

Just get them to notice you, then run around the houses for a lap or two, and then enter the house opposite the one that triggers Dr. Salvador. If there is a metal door to your left, then you're in the right one. Then turn around and shoot the lower right corner of the door with the handgun. Then slash low. The glitch will allow you take out anyone who goes near.

If you're playing the GC and PS2 version, keep pressing A/X, but don't hold it down. That way you get a few kicks in. If it's the Wii version, that seems to be taken out, but they can't also hit you from the other side.

Don't forget to stop every thirty seconds to see if they dropped anything. Just don't open the door, and you can still grab what they drop.

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Wow, this thread is still alive? No wai.

Anyway, I got to playing a few hours' more of the game, and I'm definitely warming up to it. I like that it fixed the annoying parts about the old RE games (ink ribbons and sparse save points specifically,) and the combat is pretty cool. The only other thing besides that annoying opening sequence that I'd change thus far are those MGS-codec-style scenes. (Why does Japan think that a couple of mostly-motionless talking heads = good storytelling?)

Anyway, that's all. :)

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