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What I'd like is a port of GTA and GTAII to the DS, can you imagine controlling your guy top down with the touch screen? Running over groups of joggers would be more fun than ever.

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RolStoppable said:
deathcape said:
hmm...it sounds okay..but how the hell do you aim with the damn D-pad ....how do you move around then?!

Maybe, just maybe, they have implemented an auto target function via the R button.

What I find weird is that the feature list says isometric camera angle and then goes on to mention that there are no problems with draw-in. Isn't this logical with this kind of camera angle?


You gotta be obvious. Why else do you think people kept falling for your sarcasm no matter how often you do it?

Looks like it's shaping up to be a pretty good game. Hopefully it does well.

why the hell is it isometric?

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Isometric is a good choice I think. I would have rathered a Wii GTA but this sounds interesting.

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I'd prefer a GTA from a birdseye view , 2D just like the first time I played it.

Isometric sounds good. We'll just have to see how well or poorly the aiming will work.

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i wonder if successful , is Chinatown going to remain DS exclusive. But this could mean much more, maybe possible Wii GTA game.

Heh, am I the only one that sees it as funny that the usual GTA lovers here at VGC for some reason or another hate GTA on a Nintendo console? (bias much?)

I mean I was hating GTA before it became the cool thing to do... oh well, just another trend I started that I won't get credit for... =(

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subtle autosteer?!? that had better be optional!