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WOW I never thought the only console version of TvC was only on the Wii :D


end of core gaming days prediction:


E3 2006-The beginning of the end. Wii introduced


E3 2008- Armageddon. Wii motion plus introduced. Wii Music. Reggie says Animal crossing was a core game. Massive disappointment. many Wii core gamers selling their Wii.


E3 2010- Tape runs out


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NNNOOOOOOO!!! Jap only?? But Karas is in it!!!!! and Bob in the Bottle!!! I loved that cartoon...


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GLoRySoGLoRy said:
it will cost be 70$ to import it xD


a new blank CD costs maybe like less then 1$

umm downloading may take time !

but yea u get the idea !

yushire said:
ClaudeLv250 said:
If it's Japan only then I'm definitely believing the marvel vs. capcom 3 rumors now.


There'll be no sequel to Marvel vs. Capcom EVAH! The contract with CAPCOM and Marvel is over and either sides dont want to anymore...




Not exactly true.


A couple of months back when asked about seeing a third marvel vs capcom, someone from marvel said something is going to happen "sooner than we think."