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PSP-3000......... I still prefer DS

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PSP-3000 will certainly boost sales.

slimeattack said:
PSP-3000 will certainly boost sales.


 Of course it will, but the question is how much. Don't expect much, this is not the DS to DS Lite metamorphasis for the PSP that the PSP-2000 was, I'd honestly expect the PSP-3000 to have as much of an impact as a really popular new color for the PSP.

patjuan32 said:

Hardware releases will bump up a system in sales but will never sustain it for very long. Games are what sales a system and this is what Monster Hunter and Phantasy Star Portable did. With out those games the PSP would have had a bump in sales but not as large and not as long lasting.

But, We are only speculating. We all have to wait and see what the market says.


I have to disagree on this actually ;) As much as I love the PSP its obvious that many dont use it only as a gaming device, but as a PMP. Thats why a mediocre hardware redesign managed to push as much as the PSP2000 did. Yes, games like Crisis Core, MHP2G and PsP and a plethora of others where a major factor, but not by far the only or maybe not even the most important one ;)

darthdevidem01 said:


sorry.. but the world doesnt agree with u