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I remember Halo on the Xbox and how my friend and I rushed to play it through on co-op and had some fun with multiplayer. It's a fun game no doubt, but it's not the best thing ever. Once the excitement lowers, you quickly realize the similar environments and the replay value goes down for me. In fact, I found it very difficult to even play through the campaign again when I received Halo on the PC as a gift.

On the PC, Halo didn't stand up to the other great PC games. I would love to comment on the PC version of Halo 2, but Microsoft shot itself in the foot when they put the magic words of "Vista Only" in the title.

I wont refute Halo being a popular series or having good traits, but I will not call it the best thing since sliced bread.

On topic, I didn't think Resistance was that bad. The campaign had some cool moments, but I did get a little annoyed with how gun-ho Hale was that he'd rather go everywhere alone. Which kind of stinks because I think some of the coolest parts of the game are when there are lots of allies and enemies battling all around you.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what Insomniac have done with the finished product in Resistance 2. I don't want to set expectations too high to overhype it, but I do believe that the people of Insomniac are good enough game makers (based on just their PS3 games) to have Resistance 2 improving on the first Resistance in many ways, maybe even completely.

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Actually, the Resistance: Fall of Man campaign was really good. I don't see your point throughout that whole rant. It was the first game I ever had, right when the PS3 launched, and I played all the way through it before ever playing online.

And currently, I'm playing through it again in multiplayer with my girlfriend.

Your arguments are unfounded.

I couldn't get into it. I tried, but Resistance wasn't for me. Maybe because the game was already a year+ old when I tried it. Who knows.

I will try R2 while it's still fresh on the market. Maybe it'll change my opinion about the first one.

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I loved the single player campaign and its story line. Great weapons, good graphics, great audio and IMO great online features.

Of course there may have been too much expectation with regard to graphics for this game, this because of the release of Gears of War on the 360 and the PS3 being more powerful. However Resistance: Fall of Man was based on a modified PS2 game engine tapping only a small amount of SPE power compared to now (you can only move some code onto the SPEs to have the game available for launch, it did so more than other launch games) and the engine wasn't supporting texture streaming yet. After all this time Gears is often still regarded as the best looking 360 game.

The game has a "super human" difficulty setting.

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are you talking about r1? omg i thought that the campain was amazing!

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Title should state: Resistance 1 campaign is OLD.

Do you realize how old this game is? Do you realize it was a launch game? I enjoyed it immensely at the time but I can't touch the game now either. For these reasons, especially the fact that you certainly aren't new to HD gaming, you need to cut the game some slack.

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"I did not care for thelack of multiplayer options as I remember there was DM team DM and CTF. I consider that a bit thin,"

After reading this statement, i doubt you went online at all, and may feel the need to doubt everything else you said in this thread.

There are 8 different game modes, there are also 11 different maps and each map can be played with many different player amounts and the maps change accordingly. There are also countless options you can change when making a game. There are also squads/separate talk channels that also work as respawn points, and a server list which many games don't have.

And the ability to customize your character, nice clan options, the game allowed you to access you friends list from in game, just about no other game had this until recently. The game also features a nice amount of stat tracking in game, and on the RFoM website.

You can also play as two different species each with different abilities.

Vasot said:
Resistance 1 was a average and boring game And was hyped by the Sony fanatics just like they hype Resistance 2 today
It will be very funny if Resistance 2 prove to be nothing special like Resistance 1
The Sony fanatics will start their frenzy paranoia again to protect their favorite Sony exclusive title from the bad reviews...


Troll, one of the worst i've seen here...People like him make the site look realy bad. I guess the mods will fix this mistake that this user is. I've seen people get ban for REALY A LOT LESS.



resistance 1 was amazing and is still strong online to this day, i dunno what your complaining about.

its good to play and good to look out, 1st few levels are a bit boring but its get much much better

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man honestly ? why get a ps3 ? its ur own dam fault..
no im not a fanboy or anything the ps1 had some gr8 games but i never bought it cause i love nintendo, yes i atleast admit it.
ps2 was really boring for me.. had some nice games but meeh.. it was for the masses.. not for me..
PS3 ? ooh dont even let me start.. MGS4/folklore only 2 good games.. and yes i dare say that uncharted graphics are laughable i dont care about ur IGN reviews or what ever i am a man of my own taste