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kjj4t9rdad said:
Sony's doing fine. They will be ahead of M$ by summer of '09. They will never catch the Wii, but, to me that doesn't matter because those controllers don't make the Wii next gen.

Yeah, it's the graphics, we all know. Totally pwns the 360 and PSTriple.


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Why is Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 getting so much hate? We finally get a real game and they're not even satisfied... I'm starting to hate the gaming community so f****** much...

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Check this out if I was head of ps3!

First off we need to get the playstation into "American homes" because that's where 360 is dominating but we are doing good but we need to do better. We need more catching Ads. Does anybody remember that ps2 commercial with that girl and the little red balloon? that was catchy! or what about the psp commercials with the rats and squirrels? catchy you know we need something like that. We also need to show off our exclusive titles AS WELL show case 3rd party games with our logo.

So we know Ads are a must so lets get a group of people and give them a budget and get some ads made.

Now with the ads on TVs, mags, billboards, radios, etc. We need to give the people what they want! What's that? Games duh...

We all know our Library of gaming is the most robust but...does the consumers know that? Probably not so....we need to give them more! to let them know that we still have the most robust AND best quality games.

We need to lower development cost, i know that means losses but having no games at all means lost too so lower the dev cost especially for inspiring gaming devs so they can put some creativity on the psn then go out and make full games. We need to keep looking into our first party gaming because that's where the true exclusives are. We are actually doing well last month we had a 72k lead in sales over 360 so we need to take that momentum into the holidays.

Date dating dated!!!! That's one of our major down fall guys. You see the competition dating everything they get and actually coming out on those dates. Well that's what we need to do. Even if its a 3 months before it actually comes out that's better than saying a release date then it gets pushed back! So have devs think of a logical release date not post it until they actually know that that date is actually do away 3 or 4 months away!

Lastly guys HOME! People have been homeless for nearly 2 years now i think its time to ship this thing out and have a Holiday BLAST!!!!

If I was head of Sony Sony would be first before the end of 2009 selling well over 70mil units world wide....

pika62221 said:

First, I would HAVE to reduce the price. Obviously, being 3rd behind Microsoft and Nintendo, I would have to retool my plans! I would take a bigger loss on the system, remove some features, and try to match Microsoft's price as much as possible! Also, I would invest in looking for ways to get more families buying the system. I would try to court third parties to produce more Wii-style games, as well as produce more family friendly games. I would have a HUGE company's resources at my helm, and I wouldn't fail to use those deep pockets to invest in the PS3, and get its sales up! This is now the 3rd year it has been on the market, and to not even be selling 20 million now??? For Sony, that's HORRIBLE! The PS2 took off by this point in its life, and Sony somehow HAS to change their market plan, otherwise they'll have a HUGE hole to climb out of!

Funny how you can be in "3rd" but doing better than the one in "2nd"



^ Yeah, that happens when you launch 1 year latter then the said compettition. Both wii and ps3 are doing better in the same time frame than the x360, but only wii is showing, because they´re doing very well, while the ps3 is only good(for now, wait 2009). see:







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