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Its confirmed by MS that they are working on the next generation console and hinting at 2011, 2012 next release.  Sounds like another MS box will be sitting under my TV again probably



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Under my TV as well!

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Is this really news? Really? Every console manufacturer has been working on their next console almost since the day their current one launched. That's how this industry works. Theres pointless threads all over this place..

wow a new 360 in development. Who would have thought Using my psychic powers I can see that a PS4 and whatever the next Gamecube is called are also in development.

dude...March 2007...come on.

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This is from March 07

Hardly news


in other news, water is still wet,
the night is dark, and you can make coffee of coffee beans! =O


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good news

wooooooow..ban this guy someone, at least for a day..there should be some kinda rule around here for this kind of shinanigans..that's common sense!