If Wii Music becomes successful, Nintendo will go completely casual

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I'm not sure which is funnier, to be honest: Rol's original and obviously satirical post, or the serious responses to it. You'd think people would stop taking obviously inflammatory posts seriously when RolStoppable is the poster...

Anyway, I give this one a "nice performance" for the mockery of the style of the doom-n-gloomers, and a "needs a bit of work" for the mixing of subtlety and overblown caricature.

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It almost sounds like a sex change.


ItsaMii said:
Point number 2 is the best. I laughed for a full minute. You deserve puppies and candy for this.


Rol eats puppies!!!!!!

I hope it's still funny when Nintendo makes Wii Music 2 instead of F-Zero.

God you are such a pussy
whine more

this is some great fun just like singstar

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c0rd said:
Oyvoyvoyv said:
c0rd said:
RolStoppable said:

Here are the three main reasons why it's going to happen. If you are too lazy to read, just skip down to the summary.

1. Casual games sell a lot, while core games don't

Everybody knows how much casual games like Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Fit and Mario Party 8 have sold, while core franchises like Metroid Prime, Batallion Wars II and Wario Land sold much less in comparison, some would even consider them to have bombed. Other examples of failed games include this, this, this and this.

Nice try slipping this one in.  You're trying to convince us Mario Kart Wii is core, correct?  Unfortunately, that link did not get by me... Mario Kart Wii is casual.  Throw it in with the rest of the Wii series.

Wow, Rol still has it. I thought no-one was going to even bother taking this thread serious.

Calling Mario Kart Wii anything but casual is always serious business.

So you have a problem with Rol calling MK casual but you have no problem with him calling it a failed game?

To Rol: Nice thread but the going are really getting harder for you.

To all the s*****s that fell for it: How can you think he is serious when 1) It is Rol and 2) He called The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Brothers Brawl AND Mario Kart Wii 'failed games'?

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What?!, no secret message?, Rol has gone casual now, only remains a vague image of what Rol's posts used to be, casual posters fell on the trap, Rol is no more pleasing the vgchartz's hardcore poster crowd, he is only focusing on the casual ones. I remember the good ol' Wii Bingo thread, ahh...good days.

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Rol is back!

I was getting worried for a second there. But this is truly one of your better thread.

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Cougarman said:

i feel offended by this, how can you say those things about this game that willchange gaming forever?, i think your hate for nintendo is showing and you should be bann...... oh i see its another one of those threads, damn you rol made me write all this shit for nothing hahaha


Being a lurker for the past few weeks, I didn't fall for this thread.   But wow!   That  Wii  Bingo  thread would have gotten me!   That was good.   +100

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Kane said:
God you are such a pussy
whine more

this is some great fun just like singstar


Aaaaaaaand another victim of the unstoppable Rolstoppable.