is Halo 4 coming out for PS3?

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hahah tht is funny JaggedSac




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this proves that u people are no gamers
i might get banned but i dont care u people are full of shit if u follow a game for the "IP"
if bungie is not making the next halo and u think bungie is a EPIC developer u follow the developer next game not where Halo 4 goes. You call ur selves gamers ? dont even make me laugh u pathetic people, of u games like okami die, cause of u games like gta keep coming out.

same thing with RFoM2 and GoW3, those might be good games but do u know any thing about the developers them selves ?

well lets see how halo 4 does.. halo 3 was almost exactly like halo 2.. and it sold more.. halo4 will selll.. well cause its halo 4..

this is why i put nintendo above any other company.. cause no matter what the name is.. there games are always epic


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i respect ur opinion MeowTheMouse




If I recall correctly, the deal between Bungie and Microsoft gave Microsoft the option to publish future Bungie games (i.e. Bungie is contractually bound to only use another publisher for a game if Microsoft turns them down). Microsoft also retained the rights to the Halo series.

Essentially, Bungie has creative control over it's own projects now, but Microsoft has the hooks in them on the business side. I don't know the exact details of the deal, but it's sufficient to say that a Halo game on a competing console is an impossibility, and it's incredibly unlikely that Bungie will release a non-Halo game on a competing console.

Portables could be a possibility though.

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Worst. Thread. Ever. Seriously.

Debating with fanboys, its not
all that dissimilar to banging ones
head against a wall 
The Anarchyz said:

The thing is, Microsoft let them have it, because they're not competition in the gaming business...

Please tell me your joking cause if your not then please go back an research the last seven years, you might have missed a thing or two on the way.


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this is the equivalent of mothers walking into gamestop asking for mario on the 360

sharv33n said:
i dunno, seems possible tho


No, Microsoft owning the IP means they get to choose where it goes. Do you see MS giving to Sony one of its biggest hardware sellers?

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Your buddy is a fucking idiot.

Bungie and Microsoft split. Bungie got to be an independent developer. Microsoft got to keep the rights to Halo.

I will even send this as a message just in case you don't read this post.