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legend92 said:

im a PS fan and id pick the MS cosole coz nintendo is to kiddy.


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I would jump off the tallest building in the world if this happened.

ooh i just noticed ur 15..WHAT A MAN ! RAWR IM SCARED OF JUU ! u play man games with ur ps tripple while i play kiddish game with my "wiiiiii" :(

I would stick to PS3 gaming for as long as possible and eventually upgrade my PC. If I feel Nintendo would make an improved Mario64 sequel I would buy a Nintendo (may buy a Wii anyhow in the upcoming months), if I see good evidence that a new Microsoft console is rock solid and well specced for the long run and they make some Playstation-like adjustments I would consider buying a Microsoft console again (but unlikely).

Would be very dissapointing though and luckily I don't see a chance of this happening. The PS3 has started to earn Sony money.

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PS3 vs 360 sales

I'd stick with PC only.

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It would depend on where some of their studios ended up. But I would probably become more of a pc games, though I would still buy some console.

i would stick with PS1 PSP and the mighty PS2........

if ever SONY withdraw from the gaming market,100million+ gamers would soon refer to leaving gaming,and gaming would fall in a couple of years afterSONY's withdrawal

Sony wont leave, and I have been impressed with my Xbox so far

Neither the 360 or Wii appeal to me at all and PC gaming isn't what it used to be so I'd probably stop buying new games altogether.

I have all 3 systems and to tell you the true I play the Wii the most. Granted I only have the F1 racing game that came with the PS3 and only a hand full of games for the 360 - Halo 3 etc.. I do not own GTA4 on either console atm. I have rented this and was not impressed, great game just wasn’t all WOW!!

So to say if Sony ever did leave the console market (which I doubt because they are too stubborn) I would have to stick with Ninty. They make some of the best games and they keep me coming back for more. (IMO)

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