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Quite a while I’m working on my product “Poppy and Rose” which you can download it here: http://www.download.com/Poppy-And-Rose/3000-2111_4-10638405.html?tag=lst-0-3

The game is made in the program language Delphi 6 and I hope that it will take your attention.

Please, after you try the game and study it a little bit, if you can answer the following questions:

-      How can I find a video game tester, the best case is that to be some volunteer who will test the game and it will give me critics about the game.

-      How is your opinion for the essential value of the game?

-      What do you think about the UI of the game (it is made in Delphi 6), can I make it better and can I get some suggestions of how can I do that?

-      In which category will you put this game (maybe puzzle!)?

-      Is there any company that in cooperation with me can commercialize the game?

-      I think that playing on this video game in network can be a real challenge! Do you think same?


Thank you,

Janev Blagoj

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what an odd name :P

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For a game tester, you'd better ask as many friends as possiple for help. Otherwise, you should promise offering free usage right for your kind-hearted testers.

Best regards!

Linda from webmaster of sharewaredown.com

Let software serve for us.

In addition, for the terms used in the software description, there are chances for improvement

Let software serve for us.

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Sorry, I recommend you find another board for these sort of queries - we don't really handle development.

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