Spore is HORRIBLY overrated.

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and what the f*** is up with that civilization game.
at the beginning every time i clicked "end turn" it jumped 50 years. I want to play every single year. i don't want the game to unfold at a pace that is obviously a more efficient way to spend my time.

I expect the pyramids to take at least 1 year in real life, not just show up when it's done building....

this is exactly what this "critic" is saying

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shio said:
Godot said:
gebx said:
Anyone else think Spore is 4 demos and a Space Sim duct taped together??


I agree. We'll see in the future the compete versions of those games which I won't get. I just got the game and I rather play Civilization 4 that I played 10 000 times than Spore.

So you expected Spore to be 5 full games?! That would make it even more expensive than GTA IV!! I'm still not sure how people can still say Spore's early phases are bad because they're simplistic... that's just stupid, Spore is supposed to be a Life Simulation game, and in the Cell, Creature and Tribal phases you are playing a primitive species with very limited intelligence... were you expecting your creature to give lectures, train an army or build schools in those phases?

The fact is, many people will likely return and replay those phases because they're accessible AND fun.

And Spore is NOT a Strategy game, so why compare to Civilization IV? It's like people complaining the Gran Turismo series is crap because it's not as realistic as Racing Simulation games like GTR and RACE.


What I mean is that they will release in the future games such as Spore:Civilization that will be only in the Civilization stage but much more complex that it is now. Don't forget that Will Wright's games always get a lot of "expansion packs". This will be their way to start a franchise with Spore like they did with The Sims.

Oh and I meant that I rather play a game that I played 10 000 times than to play Spore, whatever that game might be. It just happened to be Civ because it's pretty much the only PC game that I play "regularly".

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