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Thats crazy, In Ireland its empty cases, You still have to go up to the counter anyway

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I know at Best Buy there is a "safe" near the checkout lines where they keep all the video games, you bring the empty box and they get it for you at check out. Target and wal Mart have glass cases, but no other store does that i've been to.

I remember the Toys r Us little papers when I was smaller.... that could fit nicely with their "put it in any section" strategy...


Few places utilises this here... we mostly have a big, plastic boxes covering them, which is removed when you go out of the store...

mrstickball said:
The only store(s) I know that have games under glass would be major retail outlets such as Wal-Mart and Target. Gamestop doesn't do it.

Every single gamestop I have been to has their new games in a glass case behind the counter, and the used game discs under the counter.  The only things not there are sometimes PC games and a bunch of empty boxes.

As for other stores
Target - all in glass besides PC games
Best Buy - I don't remember any being in a glass case.
Circuit City - New releases and games like Rock Band are behind glass as well as some older PS360 games.  The rest are just out  Though they tend to have that larger plastic case around the normal case.
Fry's - All the games are out.  PSWii60 games are in the extra plastic security cases, PS2/PC/etc don't have those.  But there were some really large plastic boxes for stuff like singstar and the MGS Essential Collection.

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LOL, they seriously hadn't figured out to empty the cases?

I have never seen a game behind a glass case, they are always empty on the shelves.

I have also never seen games in plastic boxes like hunter_alien has.... the only things I can remember that are sold like this are razors and printing inks.

Hephaestos said:
I remember the Toys r Us little papers when I was smaller.... that could fit nicely with their "put it in any section" strategy...

This is actually one of the best systems. The stores don't have to foot the bill for empty boxes or those security cases that fit around the game case, and they don't have to worry about theft either. They have plastic flaps that let you see the front and you flip them up to see the back, so people can still look at the game cases.

The only major problem with it, is that ToysRus is a trash whole (at least the one near me) so they are that grimy yellow collor that plastic turns into after enough years.

Sams Club uses these cardboard place holders for all games and systems, and is probably a little nicer than the ToysRus system, but is probably slightly more expensive in terms of producing all the place holders.


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