Amazon.com Wii not in stock for 7 days.

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Amazon.com has not offered Wii for 7 days now. Noramally they put the Wii on sale at least once a day or every other day.



Amazon.com Nintendo Wii $250 SOLD OUT 7d


This explains why the PS3 has been selling more than the Wii on Amazon.


Why do you think that Amazon has not received a Wii in so long?

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seems like a shortage.

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Maybe Amazon is stocking up for the holiday promotional giveaways or whatnot.

They could be holding back for a sale, promotion or putting some away for the holidays. Supply seems to have gotten better at least in my local retail area. Of course all heck will break loose once the end of October starts hitting.

Maybe they have decided to stop selling Wiis. Happened in the UK last gen - loads of shops stopped selling Gamecube and Gamecube games. And when that happened there was no way back for Gamecube. Looks like it's all over for Wii.

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@FishyJoe: And then we wonder where all the stock appeared for Wii to sell 3M in one week...

@Tuoyo: Yeah, that's the most plausible reason. I'll go with that reasoning.

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Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

^^^^ lol better put a ;) at the end of that or people are gonna think you're trolling

ah. I thought they were making that up but by the wii it says "new and used" not "buy new"

I wouldnt buy a games console on Amazon anyway. Id be scared the courier would be really stupid and try and force the thing through my letterbox

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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I ordered my Gamecube online from EB, and my PS2 from Amazon after the first price drop. Both of them came in great condtion.