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Mine freezes on rare occasions. It was much worse though, before 2.10 came out

Not trying to be a fanboy. Of course, it's hard when you own the best console eve... dang it

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My PS3 sometimes gets louder as it gets warmer...thats about it lol

Yakuzaice said:

Recently in one of my uncharted runs an enemy actually changed models.  So one of the pistol wielding ones suddenly turned into one with a shotgun.  I died.... lol




Resistance had this bug where, in co-op, if a player dies and the other player is driving the little car thing, the person that died respawns in this weird building where the second he steps outside he falls through the ground. After like 30 seconds of falling, he dies again. The still alive player can just get out of the car and it's all good. Hilarious as hell.

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I don't really consider it a bug, but in Warhawk I have walked up to many... many people and knifed them about 4 times and they don't die. I'm sure it's a lag issue though.

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Ah yeah that reminds me of a time online in COD when I re spawned floating in mid-air and didn't have a weapon... Needless to say I just got shot and then the game decided to eject me out...

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MGS4, one of the bosses wouldn't stay dead. I think his name was Vamp, LOL j/k

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i got 3 RROD's.....

but no a game freezing and having to restart the system is far worse, lets talk about it.

-when u gang up with RAT PT 01 in MGS4 if u put meryl to sleep (b4 the scene when akiba craps himself) that scene is skipped and johnny wont place his boobytrap around the corner
-internet browser freezes on youtube sometimes
-ingame freeze
-oblivion , allies attack u if u get on a horse (WTF) allies attack u if law inforcement attacks u
-lair ....lair is the glitch

GTA 4 freemode sometimes people will unlimted health so they dont die, its annoying.




DogWeed said:
i got 3 RROD's.....

but no a game freezing and having to restart the system is far worse, lets talk about it.

3!! And on a Playstation too! That is impressive...


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