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lol, that one was confirmed to be fake by the developer.

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That fake one looks better then the real one lol


Scroll down, the Killzone developer debunks that other image.

The character looks pretty amazing but look at the shadow behind him. It's really not that good.

I think the lighting in the real image is really nice, that developer answering questions in the forum link I posted said that the light is from the muzzle flash and the picture was taken when the bullet hit the wall.

Believe it if you want, but it is there in that link (not exactly on that page). I can believe the stuff about lighting a little more because that was one of the things that was shown with the Edge tools demonstration.  I'd rather see it in motion though.

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extrated from Forum ,

Can you coment on what sort of build this is..like pre-alpha or beta? Will there be opportunities for improvements for things like self-shadowing and shadow aliasing etc...?
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1. Pre-pre alpha.
2. Please wait to see more content before judging it.
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The problem I've always had with Gears is the low poly count. All the detail is in the textures. Even the pictures above. Check out the machine gun in the chopper. Hell, even the helicopter alone is very low poly. If you look at the guns the Gears models have, they are also low poly count. It might look "good" to you, but to me, it looks like a good texture trick.

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Many sites have comfirmed that there will be DLC, including gameplay footage and more screenshots (see N4G)

add me

Munkeh said:
Many sites have comfirmed that there will be DLC, including gameplay footage and more screenshots (see N4G)

Cool, too bad the presentation isn't till tonight and probably not till like midnight for me being on eastern time. 

Bonafide732 said:

URnotE posted Bogus pics yesterday but i'll post the real Mccoy




if you scroll down a killzone developer has confirmed its 100% in game in early development stages...

This might not be the pic of the current game as to what it looks like graphics wise. This could mean how it looked during or before the gamer's day event when people were invited to see killzone in motion while still in development. The pic looks good very good just as good as the trailor and the motion might be the same as well. Definiate better graphics than resistance and looks just like or slightly better than gears(again need to see motion) dont worry by 10pm tonight eastern time kotaku will hopefully put some info on killzone after he saw it.