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Ckmlb were you a fan of the first Killzone game? The only reason why im looking foward to this is because of the CG Trailer.

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sorry... but no


Click the link for full res version.

No never even played it, I am just interested in how it ends up looking. While the background and shadows look crappy they are easier to improve on but the character looks so good this early that I think it shows lots of promise.

But I want to see the large open environments. The detail on the environment will make the game look a lot better than just great looking characters. Also if they show footage of a lot of stuff going on at the same time like in the trailer or in the new COD 4 footage that shows it is possible this day and age to do.

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OriGin said:
sorry... but no

if it is clipped...

Like I said, more stuff happening on it but the detail in creases and realistic clothing look is almost non existant in Gears. The Gears armor looks like armor, the Helghast is wearing a uniform. Has less going on but look at the detail level and the Killzone one looks more detailed especially at this stage.

Also the do I need to point out which body looks more realistic?

The Gears stuff looks like pieces put together on a character, the Killzone actually looks like clothes and not some big chunks of armor slapped together. The designs on the surface are more detailed in Gears I agree but is the actual detail on the smallest level or space on the uniform more? no. 

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I think the GOW pic is better compared to the Killzone one
but just a point,
the Killzone pic was upsized and is quite darky.
I think it is a little to early to make these comparaison (lake of material)

Time to Work !

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The lighting on the body is not fantastic, it looks all washed out and 'staggered' on the detailed areas, which show the fabric and clothing isn't volumetric and is a set shader or style of bump map... anyone can make creases here or there, it's definitely not that impressive.

Gears is far superior, I'd go as far as to think that even Lost Planet is in a similar league to this.

Haze looks far better IMO at the moment, again it's only one screenshot but as I have said previously also this game is going to cop a boat load of critique.

I've never been a Killzone fan before at all, but the original trailer blew me away and now i'm disappointed that it can't really do that.


Yeah it is too early but I can't help myself, I hope I am proven wrong! 

It looks pretty good - pretty much as expected (to me). Like always, lets wait to see the game in motion.

Hopefully this one will run in 60fps (rather than 30), which can make all the difference.

I prefer the "art direction" in Haze/GoW to this one - but that's based off a single screenshot. Not enough to make any real judgements on.


Next two days are going to be huge - Halo 3 & Killzone both unveiled. Sort of ironic that Sony scheduled this right after the MS conference - hope it doesn't blow up in their faces...

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It's easier to make designs on armor on a character than to make clothes actually look like clothes or uniform on a character instead of stuff painted on or stacked on in chunks (the gears look).

If Killzone builds on the detail of this single character and applies to all characters then they should look great and very real. I still think the detail in the uniform is more of an achievement than the detail in designs on the surface of the Gears uniforms.

The whole chunks of armor feel of the uniforms in gears works for the design of their gigantic characters with massive bodies very well and makes it look good in game but it isn't as impressive as clothes actually looking like clothes in a game. I always am disappointed by the realism of clothes in a game of any kind. 

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full res - http://img329.imageshack.us/img329/5389/lpmg4.jpg

Lost planet is doing pretty well also.

I've been reading VGChartz for a while now but I've finally decided to join up and throw my input into this thread.

All I can really say regarding this is: 

 1. Either I'm 95% blind or...

    2. Every single Killzone fan on the planet is currently looking at a very different screenshot to me.


I'm amazed how many PS3 fans on their own forums and Killzone fans are getting so worked up over this screenshot. I'm sorry but this looks absolutely god awful. The 720p shot that has been approved by the same Killzone dev looks all over bad, just bad. The soldier looks as if he's been cut out of a magazine and glued over the picture, he looks completely flat, bland and hugely lacking in any kind of real detail. Also mentioned on the Killzone forum by the dev is that that orange light in the middle of the screen is supposed to be a bullet decal hitting the wall which just looks erm... yeah... silly...


Hell, FEAR looks better than this and that's nearly 2 years old now. This screenshot looks pencil drawn at best.


I must apologise that my very first post here might as well be a flame-fest but I'm definitely not trolling here by any means. I'm not trying to cause any aggro but I had to say something seeing the ignorance of some people who think this screenshot looks 'that' fantastic.