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Help the game sell by spreading good word of mouth.



"I support Warioland: Shake It! and the good sales of all high quality, core games on Wii"

in your sig if you want it to sell well. We are all going to manifest some good sales for the game lol.

You know it's going to work.... just do it

Just kiss the tip.

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It a main Wario game, it will sell fine enough, and Im sure people who liked WarioWare will buy it just because it says Wario in the title, and Shake It makes it seem like its in the same line as the Wario Ware games.

didnt seem to sell that well in Japan. come nintndo use your amazing marketing for core titles, liek u did with SSBB and fatal frame

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It needs to have some marketing behind it. The game is critically a success, but we need to make sure that it is also a commercial success, so that we continue to get games of this caliber.

Just kiss the tip.

I'll add it to my sig!

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sure, I would, I like this game

Hey, there we go. Now we got some action!

Just kiss the tip.

It's in my sig now.


That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS

Lol @ Oyvoyvoyv

Marioland: Bake It! As hardcore as it gets!

Just kiss the tip.

I fought you were looking for help to beat the game. I'll do my best to help the game.

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