RPGs : mix of Sci-Fi Fantasy, or "pure" Fantasy and "pure" Sci-Fi?

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I dislike the mixing.  I once thought it was novel.  Now... not so much.


A huge number of JRPGs, especially, love to throw in swords and guns/lasers/whatever in whatever mix they feel.  Always with the swords though...

Personally, I find mixing of swords and guns/more-modern-tech to be a little weak.  Swords and magic is cool.  Guns and Steampunk is cool.  Lasers and Sci-Fi is cool.  Mixing the themes up... kinda seems to go hand-in-hand with weak, cookie-cutter plots... so I find it distasteful.


How do other RPG fans feel about this?  I know a HUGE number of JRPGs just *cannot* get away from having swords, so... its hard to say "no, this is a story where swords have no place", but... I think they're mistaken.  Swords have a place, and its not cool to have them in every freaking game, and on every leading character.  Don't get me wrong, swords are beautiful, elegant weapons... but...


I realize that saying that a mix of fantasy and steampunk is "distasteful" is like saying that many JRPGs, like Hayao Miyazaki's films are somehow not cool, as art... I'm not saying that at all.  I just find the mixing excessive.  The mixing is the norm nowadays, rather than the exception, which makes it boring.  I'm not Japanese, so I'm sure I have a different outlook than the typical Japanese gamer, but the RPG scene seems overrun with the cross-time-period style worlds these days... it bleeds into itself in an abhorrent fashion. 

Having lasers, etc. as far back as some old WRPGs like Wizardry and Might & Magic was lame too, so the (IMO) weak, suspension-of-disbelief-busting tech-mixing concept certainly isn't limited to JRPGs.

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I agree, Swords are an essential part of Most JRPGs imo, although Guns can be badass aswell