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kowenicki said:
@bboid And they arent here for a one man crusade against a particular console either.



The OP is actual news that is informative to some people. If he has a history of posting this then ignore it, but it is actually fact based information that some find valuable. If it's total BS, you have a right to call it out. (in this case it's actually fact as surprising as it might seem)


@ DongHungLong

FishyJoe again posts, fact-based articles that just happen to pertain to Sony's GLOBAL performance.  It isn't bashing the PS3, it is information that could largely affect the companies gaming sector that could have a large impact on part of the viewer base on this website.  What is wrong with him providing this information for people who might otherwise over-look it?  As for his "OMG Wii" threads, it appears to be his console of choice, what is wrong with supporting it?




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Strategyking92 said:

ugh, he moved the console from horizontal to vertical, of course it's gonna get scratched!

other than that, why did MS make such a mistake with the lense?


There have been for a lot of years portable and car mounted optical drives that don't scratch discs, they only need bigger memory buffers as they can jump some data more often than home drives. This means that the problem can be avoided with a good design of the drive mechanics.


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I have added the following to the original post, so the snips of new info don't get lost between all the comments:

Dutch consumer protection agency Kassa sues Microsoft on behalf of thousands of Dutch consumers. Due to an ongoing lawsuit in the United States, internal Microsoft emails revealed that Microsoft already knew about disc scratching issues before release in 2005.

Kassa demonstrated earlier during tests 360s could scratch discs even in super steady laboratory conditions, all recorded on tape.


Having watched the program, a summary: The boy's dad who sued Microsoft as talked about in the original post apparently got a complete refund on bought console, games and lawsuit costs. Others who didn't go that far were treated badly, one of the guys interviewed bought his 360 last November and already 4 games were scratched.

Some snips from US Microsoft employee testimonials:

"This is information we as a team, optical disc drive team, knew about."

"360 was routinely scratching discs"

They put in drives known to have the same problems when doing repairs. Just to give customers the idea they get a new device (paying 100 dollars!).

"Just to give the customer a new optical drive, so that from a customer perspective they're getting a new device and that improves customer satisfaction"

Kassa is in co-operation with various European consumer agencies to address these problems for the whole of the EU. Like in the US, together they stand stronger, European Commissioner for Consumer Protection Meglena Kuneva outed her support and approval.

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kowenicki said:
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mrstickball said:
Is it even legal for a 13 y/o to sue a company in the Netherlands?

Also, why is it that you only post news to attack MS, MikeB?


His dad is probably doing the sueing for him, read my post.

I have been through RRoD and I know how stubborn, mis-informative and unhelpful Microsoft's support staff can be. I think RRoD and disc scratching are serious issues hurting the console industry's reputation as a whole. But you already knew this or didn't you?

If the arrogant way you present yourself on here is anything to go by they probably messed you about on purpose. 

I have had one RROD in over 3 years.. ( a launch console ).  Microsoft immediately sent me a box (took a day) and I received a new (not refurbished) 360 back within 10 days.  No problem.. easy as it could be.

Oh.. and never had a single scratched disc.  Sometimes they seem to get dusty in a regular pattern around the disc.. but i clean it and there is no problem. 

oh and mikeB what is/was yours Live Id?

The people interviewed said nothing different. They contacted Microsoft and they got only misinformation (like, it's impossible the 360 scratches discs), are being completely lied to (Kassa's commentator input, "glashard gelogen") and were told it's their own fault. The people who did not sue Microsoft didn't get their damaged discs refunded, although Microsoft did provide the option to repair the console (why does it need to be repaired, if there's nothing wrong?).

Basically it's a very similar experience like I got at the time, but I didn't have the stamina to go on like that boy's dad (or that unsuccesful mom on the phone with M$ for over an hour with no result), sending half a dozen letters and dragging them to court (so kudos to him for that!).

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PS3 vs 360 sales