Would you like to see a Ninja Gaiden 3?

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I am still trying to beat Ninja Gaiden 2 but I would like to see a 3 with a few chnages.

1) I have no problem with it being hard but on the easiest level I shouldnt have to reset almost 60 times for one boss save that for more difficult levels.  Lets make a acoloyte so anyone can play and ramp up the other 4 levels accordingly.

2) Fix the darn camera

3) Lets work on the story a little more

What do you think?

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My opinion? People whine far too much about the story in Ninja Gaiden.

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Yes, but only if Itagaki is involved.

Hope there will be large different of NG 3
it will be boring if the game play keep the same with NG 2

Absolutely. It's my second favourite game this gen. It reminded me why I got into games in the first place. It's like the Die Hard of the game world. No messing just pick it up and play. The fastest combat in a game period. Bring on number 3. The king of the hack n slash games.

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The only way I would want another Ninja Gaiden is if Itagaki is at the helm. And, seeing as he won't be as of now, I would rather Tecmo not make another, because I am almost positive the game wouldn't be able to live up to the series reputation of being high caliber.

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Yes i would but if it comes to ps3 aswell.


Yeah for the wii but I don't think I'll happen it will probably be a 360 exclusive if there was a ng3.

NG 3 would be great only if it is exclusive to Ps3.

Not without Itagaki.

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