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I wasnt really talking about facts like that. I wanted fun facts, like the ones on snapple bottles but w/e

Some awesome pople from the good old USA.
1. Just look at how many kick ass presidents we have had.
2. True we jack alot of inventorrs but that doesnt matter because they all invented for us anywats. Plus we still have some awesome guys like Edison.
3. Our dominance is caused by everything we have done. Our Geographic advantage is just another reason we rock but its nothing without the great people who live here.

Some things great about the USA
1. Super Power
2. Disney (and many other tv channels)
3. McDonalds ( and many other fast food places)
4. Saved Europe ass twice
5. Won the Cold War
6. Invented the iron clads - Metal boats
7. We stopped China from being divided up like Africa by Europe
8. Invented the lightbulb
9. We donate more than any other country in the world.
10. We kick ass and everybody knows it. Everyone is jelous of the US thats why there so eager to point out our flaws. Well why dont they wory about themselves. Everyone pays attention to us. People know who the US president is but no one cares about Canda prime minister.


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