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Add Iwata and Miyamoto to the list.

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Just got a call. Sakuraba and Uematsu wanted to be in.


-Koji Kondo
-Motoi Sakuraba
-Nobuo Uematsu

Hey what about me? =( I wanna join ^^

Smeags said:

Ah, that's nice fit indeed. Sonic and Mario, the best there is!

agreed  9001 %

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Go the Nintendo DS.
DS> Wii



Soriku said:



 Soriku you are a:

Supremely Powerful Anti Matter Missile Engineered Robot

Or...SPAMMER for short =)

Nice... I think I was ignored again =/

^Click on cards to level'em up!!!^ =D

Soriku, you still have to add me!! :)

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