Who would win? Olimar and Pikmin or An army of Patapon.

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You would win a fight?


Pixel Art can be fun.

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olimar...if he has enough pikmins to fight


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Neos said:

This is my first one.. in a while.  Also I would go with Olimar too.


Pixel Art can be fun.

Wow, I just came from the Zelda vs......Hitomi thread. These types of threads are good to have on this site every now and then. Just don't over do it.

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hahaha and the VS threads continues...


    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

And in every VS thread the answer should be... Chuck Norris..


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Patapons are just Unowns with legs. Pikmins have a big advantage: colors.

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Pikmin use bombs and can take down gigantic monsters about 1000x their size.

What's the biggest thing Patapon fight? And do they use bombs? And do they grow out of the ground constantly in an eternal stream?

Olimar, the purple pikmins are an army of their own kind...

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